Brownies - a poem Brownies Like a dirt clod, but moist. A melted clod, a melted clod of dirt but sweet. A sweet, melted clod of dirt but not dirt. Goodness; rainbows; joy; children. The laughter of children. A rag soaked in the laughter of children, and squeezed out into a bowl with an egg cracked on top, and the wheat of the land, and sugar, pure sugar. Sweet, sweet pure sugar. »

trying to go

I’m trying to learn golang1 whether I’m ready or not.2 I’m planning to write about what I learn here–mostly to help myself move forward. I’m also going to try to learn cli-based git at the same time. I’ve setup a repository here for my first little golang project–a recreation of the functionality of my mastodon-based @dicewarebot (likely without the final API-push to mastodon). Why Rolling Dice? The mastodon dicewarebot was the first project I undertook in python to really try to understand what was going on with the language. »

About Me

Hello there! I distill and transmit information in a variety of mediums. I also make art―which may or may not be distilled/transmitted―in a variety of mediums. Often the two mix. $ feh Rejected\ Passport\ Photo.jpg Education Doctorate in Fine Arts, Texas Tech University, 2015 Doctoral Dissertation: The Gap: Contemporary Playwriting Exercises There are gaps; between prevalent teaching tools for playwriting (i.e. Aristotle) and current artistic trends (e. »

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[bre|m]aking things

So, I broke my blog. This is actually a long-term issue I’ve had with choosing technologies. First Jekyll, then Wordpress, then migrate to Hugo, then start a fresh Wordpress, then briefly to Ghost, then back to Hugo. Maybe I like creating fresh hells for myself? Really I just oscillate between the idea that I’ll blog on-the-go and need niceties (i.e. wordpress) vs. the bare-bones version of myself that wrangles code on static sites. »

quick things in april 2018

I took a week off from work and at the end of the week I found myself wanting to document some of what happenned. Here’s a brief attempt: Logo Design for Porcupine After nearlry a year of no feedback (on something I’d honestly forgotten about), someone commented on a github issue for a lovely little application’s logo design I’d tossed some ideas around for in the past. I got a notification email and, having nothing better to do, I quickly created a new one! »

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Returning to SOZI

Fedora Onboarding I’m relatively new to the Fedora community. Even more recent are my contributions to badges, logos, wallpapers, and other design work. Recently I’ve been working on an onboarding reevaluation (issue #21) that called for trying to contribute to Fedora. This is more difficult than it first seems it turns out. The below walkthrough uses SOZI, the excellent prezi-like tool for free software, that allows you to create a visual walkthrough of an inkscape svg file for the browser. »

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Fedora Contributions (as of 2017-02-11)

Yubikey4 with Fedora Art This is part of a fedora magazine article on the topic. This particular work recieved the least changes in the feedback stages and remained mostly unchanged from when I set out to work on it. It’s not the cleanest vector drawing in the world but it is quite servicable and I’m proud to say I built it entirely from scratch in inkscape. Fedora Atomic (Ticket #361) This went through many rounds of productive revision before ending up with what you see above. »

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musicbrainz and abcde on fedora 25

There’s an issue on fedora 25 with abcde if you use musicbrainz. Resolution: use CDDB instead. »

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Qubes OS

So I just installed Qubes OS on a Dell laptop. The installation procedure was interesting – my trackpad didn’t work for the install so I used the mouse. After reboot you still haven’t setup a user account, so after decrpyting the install you create a user and login for the first time. The top left window shows you the running VMs and their respective memory usage. It’s a pretty impressive setup. »

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Fedora Contributions

I’ve been wanting to directly get involved with an open source project for a while now. Recently I’ve been working on this ticket for the atomic project. I admit to not fully comprehending what the project itself does (beyond being related to managing containers). As with most things free and open source-related: just because I don’t know exactly what it is doesn’t mean I’m not benefiting from it in some way. »

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emacs sorcery

I’ll likely update this as time goes on. Emacs is incredible and I’m just beginning to branch into its extended functionality. Query Replace Mark a region to alter. Choose one of the following. M-% string RET newstring RET or C-M-% regexp RET newstring RET Search current string under cursor C-s C-w Note: further C-w will expand to additional strings, C-s to move through selections. Quick display all matching lines M-s o String Rectangle C-x r t string-rectangle Create a rectangle of an area and replace the content with content you type. »

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Streamlining Entries

At the moment I’m trying to work through the process of streamlining my ability to post to this blog (now HUGO-powered) and increasingly my favorite writing tool is emacs. I’m following a guide that is simultaneously running me through how to streamline the process and helping me understand the code that underlies emacs modifications. HUGO keybindings "C-c C-h n" --> hugo-new-post "C-c C-h p" --> hugo-publish "C-c C-h s" --> hugo-server "C-c C-h u" --> hugo-undraft »

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how to draw

When you grew up with a computer–and embraced visual art with a mouse in your hand–just watching the technique of someone drawing without the use of digital tools can be quite wonderful. The video below is a quick timelapse of Nina Paley going from sketch to ink in a seemingly fluid fashion. When working on a computer it just never occurs to me to start with something sketchy because I can try to make it perfect from the beginning. »

simple math

This talk from 2008 was new to me and quickly cuts through much of the fog with respect to successful businesses and startups. There’s a mythology around what a successful business or product actually is which damages many from even attempting to enter the marketplace. This shouldn’t be–and isn’t– groundbreaking, but the fact that there’s a mystique around small businesses in some circles of software in particular make this a really entertaining talk about keeping things small and making $1MM. »

ground fire

At a certain time of year the ground can alight with a wonderful color even under graying skies. This is a sort of earthly magic that is always appreciated on days without sunshine. It’s as if the earth is warming itself before it’s long, winter slumber. Thanks, Earth. »

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clear a path

I am often careful with my footsteps at home. The debris of the day is likely under each step. I believe I am unperturbed. I take swerving paths to my destination. I stay in one place longer than I intend. This is easier. I get smart. I make a path. This is easier. I wonder why: I stayed the same (that wasn’t as good). I failed to act (I noticed it every day). »

chris thile on mandolin

Quite enamored by this performance, player, and instrument. Happy to have heard he’s also the successor to Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion. »

the pink shirt

Sometimes an idea strikes you–I think I’m working on a short story that involves a pink shirt. What comes of it? We’ll see. Perhaps the whole thing will just die (or, better yet, transform into something better). I was initially of the belief that the story was about the pink shirt, but within the last 24 hours I’m starting to think that the pink shirt is just one of many objects that can represent annoyances in our lives. »