Fedora Contributions (as of 2017-02-11)

Yubikey4 with Fedora Art


This is part of a fedora magazine article on the topic. This particular work recieved the least changes in the feedback stages and remained mostly unchanged from when I set out to work on it. It’s not the cleanest vector drawing in the world but it is quite servicable and I’m proud to say I built it entirely from scratch in inkscape.

Fedora Atomic (Ticket #361)


This went through many rounds of productive revision before ending up with what you see above. It started out, shockingly enough, as a mostly green badge displaying a beaker with green liquid bubbling within. Yikes! But, this is how learning the design framework (and inherent limitations) comes. Revisions are a good thing. Thankfully I had the helpful team working on badges to gently guide my hand and walk me through the actual use-cases of badges to explain why certain overrinding design choices have to be made. One example is outline width–the badges are small so shapes must be emphasized to be legible.

NodeJS 4 (Ticket #424)


This one was easy! Thankfully the concept suggested by riecatnor, mashing up another badge, made for an easy concept. Take the distictive node hexagon shape and add a “4.x” within. I still don’t entirely understand the color-choices/rationale for badges but the changes were easy and the badge completed quickly.