Brownies - a poem Brownies Like a dirt clod, but moist. A melted clod, a melted clod of dirt but sweet. A sweet, melted clod of dirt but not dirt. Goodness; rainbows; joy; children. The laughter of children. A rag soaked in the laughter of children, and squeezed out into a bowl with an egg cracked on top, and the wheat of the land, and sugar, pure sugar. Sweet, sweet pure sugar. »

clear a path

I am often careful with my footsteps at home. The debris of the day is likely under each step. I believe I am unperturbed. I take swerving paths to my destination. I stay in one place longer than I intend. This is easier. I get smart. I make a path. This is easier. I wonder why: I stayed the same (that wasn’t as good). I failed to act (I noticed it every day). »