how to draw

When you grew up with a computer–and embraced visual art with a mouse in your hand–just watching the technique of someone drawing without the use of digital tools can be quite wonderful. The video below is a quick timelapse of Nina Paley going from sketch to ink in a seemingly fluid fashion. When working on a computer it just never occurs to me to start with something sketchy because I can try to make it perfect from the beginning. I should take heart that the sketch will never die, much like the 1st draft of writing that must always be rubbish.

Using the eraser over the ink is lovely. On computers this is layers, but the physical motion of erasing itself nice. It just never occurs to me to use a physical process of erasing. Ctrl+z is a great friend, but it’s made my relationship to the physical world bizarre. Is it bad I was thinking about using trace path in inkscape to avoid having to erase the lines?

Will need to put up some more of my own work at some point.