clear a path

I am often careful with my footsteps at home. The debris of the day is likely under each step. I believe I am unperturbed. I take swerving paths to my destination. I stay in one place longer than I intend. This is easier. I get smart. I make a path. This is easier. I wonder why: I stayed the same (that wasn’t as good). I failed to act (I noticed it every day). »

the pink shirt

Sometimes an idea strikes you–I think I’m working on a short story that involves a pink shirt. What comes of it? We’ll see. Perhaps the whole thing will just die (or, better yet, transform into something better). I was initially of the belief that the story was about the pink shirt, but within the last 24 hours I’m starting to think that the pink shirt is just one of many objects that can represent annoyances in our lives. »

a quick drawing

instead of hand-drawing the stripes I’ve matched them up with a digital tool after the original hand-drawn outline. not certain I like this (in fact―pretty certain I don’t) but it’s clear that I’m going to move somewhere here to progress. we’ll see what happens there. At any rate―behold something new.   »

Author image Kyle Conway on #art,


This is a brick. »

Author image Kyle Conway on #art,