clear a path

I am often careful with my footsteps at home. The debris of the day is likely under each step. I believe I am unperturbed. I take swerving paths to my destination. I stay in one place longer than I intend. This is easier. I get smart. I make a path. This is easier. I wonder why: I stayed the same (that wasn’t as good). I failed to act (I noticed it every day). »

beautiful little things

What storytellers do… is help shape our stories of how the world works; at their very best, they can empower our moral imagination to envision how the world could work better. ―Maria Popova The purpose of beautiful little things is to create an index of positivity. I often fail to recognize the happiness in my life as it occurs–and once it’s gone I may never remember it. In capturing and framing these fragments I expect to become more aware of these beautiful little things, for when moments are captured, shared, and replayed they change our perception of past and present. »

Author image Kyle R. Conway on #clarity,