[bre|m]aking things

So, I broke my blog. This is actually a long-term issue I’ve had with choosing technologies. First Jekyll, then Wordpress, then migrate to Hugo, then start a fresh Wordpress, then briefly to Ghost, then back to Hugo. Maybe I like creating fresh hells for myself? Really I just oscillate between the idea that I’ll blog on-the-go and need niceties (i.e. wordpress) vs. the bare-bones version of myself that wrangles code on static sites. The conflict is between versions of myself.

It doesn’t help that I’ve set up dozens of wordpress pages for 5+ companies over the years. They’re quick, effective, and they work. The internet really does run on wordpress to some extent and there are things to love about it. There are also things to hate about it.

This post about installing hugo on Fedora is getting me through right now. More to come as I parse my way through breaking things.